Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Bodacious Funky Chunky - Current Jewelry Trends

In creating the designs for my next book, I've spend alot of time researching current and upcoming trends on the internet, glam magazines and catalogs from Chico's, White House Black Market and Cache (my favorites places to shop by the way!)  And all I can say is....WOW!!! My favorite style of jewelry is IN and it's HOT!!!

Industrial style Metal jewelry is taking the jewelry world by storm.  You will see bolder designs featuring big loops, long chains and bodacious beads.  You will also find this jewelry somewhat more masculine and simple featuring bold geometric shapes.

Steampunk style jewelry is also jumping into the hot seat and it's right in line with the industrial chic look with it's gears and other interesting found objects.

I've also noticed industrial metal jewelry contrasted with bits of bling -which is good, cuz a girl's gotta have her bling.  For example, Im seeing gunmetal tarnished loops contrasted with pearls or beads with crystals. 

This is exciting because it means that the sky is the limit and there are so many combinations you can create.  Pretty much you can combine anything you with the old, tarnished with shiny...contrast and texture!!!

CrafTECH University has an exciting mega workshop scheduled that will get your creative juices flowing and start you into creating found object jewelry - Its called FOUND-ations and it's a class that will intro you into working with metals combining various techniques along with found objects.  A class kit is included in the price and seating is limited.  This is an online - live interactive class.  Click here for more information.

Stay next post is all about inspiration.....


Salzanos said...

you are right on! I love how the trends are going to bold and chunky, and the steam punk is evolved into some fantastic new looks this summer!!

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