Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspiration and Design - Where do you look?

I am often asked - where do you find inspiration?  How do you become a designer?

When you become a professional designer, you might as well say GOODBYE to your "days off".  Because in essence, you never really get time off from your "job". And let me tell you, inspiration and creativity don't just end because you close your eyes either.  It's everywhere, and it surrounds you and your every day life.  Do you make the most of it?

Even when I'm taking the "day off" of my creative job to go shopping, I'm always on the look out for inspiration.  It comes in various forms - whether it's a particular shape or geometric pattern that I see, a color palette, a sunset - anything can become inspiration.  It could be a pair of shoes, a passerby...the sleek lines of a car. but you have to look beyond the object to see it,

Magazines, catalogues or even internet surfing provides hours of inspiration. 

Tear out what you find inspiring and create an inspiration notebook.  Divide it into categories, like color palettes, shapes, jewelry designs, clothing fashions etc.  Then, when the creative moment hits you over the head like a brick, peruse thru your inspiration file and select a color palette, interesting design/shape and take the elements you like from each picture to create something uniquely DIFFERENT and you. 

My latest book Beading in No Time, discusses inspiration, but goes beyond that to teach you how to best create the look and style of jewelry that compliments're unique personality, facial shape and body style.  Yep, none of us were created perfect - but why not make the most of YOU? and accentuate your best features...You're worth it!

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Hi Linda thank you so much for this great article Hope you have a great day hugs and prayers and Love Bev

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