Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Winner of National Craft Month Contest!

Oh gosh.....This was such a hard decision! All the entries I received were great and fantastic and awesome. But unfortunately, I can only pick one. So here goes.......

The winner is PAM S. with her entry of this birdhouse. It actually fits a couple of categories - It's GREEN made from natural materials found in her yard and It's full of recycled materials as well.

Here's Pam's story, she writes, "This
is my birdhouse I have made from recycled barn wood from an old milk house we tore down on our family property . I then stripped the wood in pieces and built this bird house . I dried all the flowers out of my garden. I gathered milk pods and grasses such as wheat from our field when I walked my dog. My husband bought me cherries and I saved and dried the seeds. If you notice I used a piece of ginger and dried it for the front along with acorn seeds from my tree and dried queen anne's lace - too many flowers and fruits to mention that i dried myself, oranges and apples you name it, I have it. If it looks salvageable I will collect it and do something with it. I love it so much... I love nature crafts and recycle many things I even made a birdhouse and covered it with lobster shells that we ate and saved thru the years.... " - It's signed "Craftily yours, Pam

I think this little birdhouse captures spring. I know after the hard winter, we are all longing for spring and WARMER weather to appear. Today is a beautiful day in the Ozarks and the birds are out singing.

Beautiful job Pam! Congratulations! Your Book will be on it's way to you soon!

Our runner up this month is Cheryl B. I posted her pictures earlier in the month. She's the lady that edged her garden in plates! Great re-purposing idea! Cheryl is also a very crafty thinker.
Cheryl - I'll have a little somethin -somethin on it's way to you too!

Thanks to everyone for their entries! This month's contest is all about WHIMSY! I'll be giving away a copy of PolyPens along with a sampling of polymer clay. So get those entries in! The only criteria is that they need to have SOMETHING polymer on them - so be creative and be whimsical!

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