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How to make a Vintage Inspired basket from Chicken wire - Hardware Store Crafts

Free Project Tutorial! 
How to make a basket from Chicken Wire

I took inspiration from my Mother's old broken bits and pieces of broken jewelry to embellish a basket I made from chicken wire!. 

In this FREE project tutorial, you'll learn how to create a  basket from chicken wire. These make great gift baskets and organizers too!! Oh and don't forget the spray paint

Hardware Store Chicken Wire Baskets 
by Linda Peterson

Chicken wire – any size depending on the size you want your basket (ours is approximately 6 x 9”)

Old bits and pieces of jewelry (optional)
20 gauge stainless steel wire
Wire cutters
Metal file (optional)
Krylon outdoor spray paint gloss in your choice of color (optional)
Protective gloves (optional)

*Caution*:  The chicken wire can get a little naughty and cause cuts, so be careful when cutting and wrapping the wire.  Use protective gloves to be safe.

Cut the desired size from chicken wire.  Ours is approximately 6” x 9”.  Hint: cut from the selvage edge of the wire to create a finished look

Fold ends together  

Match pattern and wrap wire ends around opposite side to secure.  This creates the cylinder for your basket 

Fold in the bottom and wrap ends to secure.  Cut off any excess wire and make sure there are no sharp edges.  File edges smooth if necessary.

Loop a length of 20 gauge stainless steel wire in your hands 2 or three times. 

 Wrap the end of the wire around the center to secure loops and create a handle.  Add additional wire if needed to finish. 

Bend in half

Attach handle to basket with 20 gauge wire 

OPTIONAL spray with desired color of spray paint.  Allow to dry.  You can distress some of the paint away as we did with a little bit of sandpaper to give an aged vintage look.

Thread wire thru jewelry findings and wrap onto basket where desired. 

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