Monday, April 2, 2012

A short road trip for Pizza - Ranked Missouri's #1

They say there are 6 degrees of separation.  Inevitably, when I meet someone, I find that they are friends of friends of friends or share some similar connection with me.

A couple weekends ago when I was in St. Louis for Missouri Art Ed, I met an art teacher from Reeds Spring, Missouri.  Seeing her ID badge with my home town, I engaged her in a conversation.  You see, MANY moons ago and maybe even rock ages ago, I went to Reeds Spring Vo-Tech and took graphic arts from Mr. Lear.  (poor Mr. Lear, I gave him such a hard time.  I wasn't a bad student, more of an onry one...but that shall be another story)

As it turns out Teacher Jeanette, knows Mr. Lear, who has since become the Mayor of Reeds Spring and the owner of the popular Reeds Spring Pizza Company, which was rated by the travel channel as one of the top Pizza joints in the whole country and most recently #1 in Missouri.

So last week Dana and I declared "Date Night" and headed on a little road trip back in time to my "home" (sorta) town to see just what this pizza was all about.  It truely is a destination as Reeds Springs sits down tucked away from civilization, a quaint little town with a couple of antique shops and a tea room.

Immediately, you grasp a sense of good ole hometown hospitality.  The restaurant is quaint, not fancy, but very very comfortable. Don't forget to bring a sharpie so you can leave your mark on the walls.  Here graffiti is COOL and encouraged.  You'll read testimonials from all over the country written in indelible ink on the bright yellow walls.  Where we sat, people had come all the way from Boston MA just to sample the pizza - WOW! Really?!?!?!   Along one whole wall is a museum of camera's and photography - WAY COOL too!

The menu is full of artisan style pizzas and probably the most bizzarre pizza I have ever heard of is the Nutty Blu Pig pizza.  Topped with bacon, red peper, cheese, spinach, pecans (yes I said pecans on a pizza) and a homemade lemony dressing this pizza is not only unique, it is absolutely incredible and to die for.

So Mr. Lear if you're out there reading this, I have to say THANKS - not only for being a great teacher and inspiration (I use what you taught me EVERY SINGLE DAY) but also for giving me a great destination every time I'm in the mood for pizza (which is nearly every week).  Oh....and sorry Charlotte and I were such a handful! We'll make it up to you in pizza sales.

Check out this link for a news video on Reeds Spring Pizza Co

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