Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Cool2CRAFT! How to make a Outdoor Candle Chandelier + Free Project

On today's Cool2Craft show it's all about the GREAT OUTDOORS!!

That can mean lots of different things for different people. To me it's either enjoying some fishing at the lake or at the other end of the spectrum, just relaxing on my front porch enjoying the birds sing or listening to the crickets and the critters and the squirrels as dusk approaches!!!
I shared how to make a outdoor candle chandelier using jars, armature wire and chain oh....and I almost new favorite craft medium - CHICKEN WIRE!    This is a great project to recycle your glass jars that you hate to throw away!

If you missed today's show, don't worry - it airs 24/7 on the Cool2Craft Channel - just click here to watch all the amazing projects like Candace J's Mixed Media Canvas, Heidi Borchers shares how to make a birdhouse fairy cottage, Tiffany is recycling glass to create garden decor and Savanna is creating an adorable dinosaur necklace that's all sparkly.  Don't miss what happens when you put a few creative girls together with a crazy mix of stuff!!! Don't miss any of the projects I feature here, be sure to subscribe to the blog and "like" my facebook page too!

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