Thursday, June 28, 2012

HOT BLAZING BLINGED OUT SADDLES - It's time to have a sale! Oh and check out the new video!

My Oh MY it's the hottest JUNE we've had on record since I don't know when.  My Dad told me the other day that this time in 1936 it was over a hundred degrees with no air conditioning and my Grandma was pregnant with him.  MY OH MY!

Well..the only thing I can think of to do in the heat is stay inside, where it's nice and cool and create some fabulous jewelry.

I have lots of jewelry obsessions!  Obsession is really a perfect word for me - when I see something I like I want to have it all.

My etsy store is stocked with unique vintage style findings that can add a little cowboy chic or maybe come country class to your jewelry designs.  But, you know me...I gotta change things up a bit so in this video
I show you how to take those findings, at a little sum'in sum'in and give them the look of fabulous faux enamel.  YES you can do this!!!! And just to help you move your booty off the computer and onto your work table, I'm offering a SALE...a Hot Blazing bling out saddle Sale - 15% off now until the 4th.

So head on over to My Sweet Antiq's etsy store and use the coupon code BLAZING15 for a 15% off sale. I guarantee you'll love designing with these pieces. Just so you don't miss out, make sure you "Like" our Facebook Page and subscribe to this blog! Thanks a bunch!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I went out and bought some cheap fingernail polish and it worked really nicely.
I like the idea also of mixing the colors slightly with a toothpick.
Diana R

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