Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When ART meets LIFE = Art + Life Combined

It's no secret....this year has certainly had it's share of ups and downs.  When writing this book the last part of 2011, my Mom was in her final days of fighting a long battle with breast cancer.  If dealing with your loved one's illness doesn't take it out of you....I don't know what would!  I found myself in creative spurts of energy...and then, as if switching off a light, I was so low I couldn't get out of bed...... mentally and physically exhausting..............beyond words.....I was in a slump!

But, I am stubborn, which also translates into strong willed and I don't easily give up without a fight.  I found a respite in my creativity.  Those periods of creative energy were like fresh air.  This book, like never before is personal....the art is tells a story....  when  Art + Life COMBINE!

linda Peterson - mixed media art book - art journaling

I know that so many will relate to this book....Art is awesome....Art is Therapy....Art is healing to both mind and body......and Art tells your personal story for years to come.

There are 35 projects and loads and loads of techniques, idea jump starters to help you connect art with your life

I believe the biggest fear with people who love art...but are afraid to create art, can be summed up in this word...FEAR!  We're all fearful of the unknown....I am!  I don't like to be blindsided with something unexpected.  Then again...fear of the unknown, is also intriguing, mysterious, you never know what's going to happen next.    
I know we live in a busy, rushed, have to hurry up and get it done yesterday world....but are you letting FEAR be your excuse for not telling your life story and just saying I'M TOO BUSY?  The best thing about  mixed media art is there are NO rules to follow (what?? no rules?? when does THAT ever happen??) and IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PRETTY!!! - why? because life isn't pretty ALL-THE-TIME! Right? so why put such a heavy burden on yourself? about the creative process...what you get at the end is just the cherry on the top!

For me personally, I've taken some time to reflect on who I am as an artist.  What resonates with me?  Through this self discovery, I've realized that there is always a common thread....memories!
I associate life experiences to objects and thus why I am a pack rat.  Somehow, if I have that piece of whatever....I will also have that memory forever...  I don't have just one hobby...I have several...and so I love collages in my art...with stuff stacked on top of stuff...because that is symbolic in my life...

This book definitely helped me discover some things inside myself that I didn't realize....flaws...strengths...and allowed me to embrace that.    

I love sharing my art...and my art knowledge and that's why I've poured my heart and soul into this book to help you relate to your help you help you help you remember......

It is finally released and available on

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