Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't stop till you get enough.... More upcycling -+ FREE Mason Jar Candle Chandelier how to

And I'm not stopping any time soon!!  I'm in an upcycle-recycle frenzy!!

Which means eventually I'll be selling all this upcycled art on Etsy..., but for now, I'm doing a little garden art, gazebo decorating.  I wish you could see the whole picture of how this looks in the's going to be beautiful when it's all lit and I can't wait to have our first dinner under our new upcycled mason jar chandelier.

I upcycled an old paintless hanging basket that I had laying around, that I knew if I didn't do something quick, Dana would throw it away when I wasn't looking.  

How to Make your Own Garden Mason Jar Chandelier

If you want to make one of your own here's what you'll need:

Ace Hardware: (LOVE LOVE LOVE my local ACE Hardware store)
Steel Anealed wire
approximately 5-6 feet of small chain
1-2 feet of larger chain
Hook to hang from ceiling (make sure it's a strong hook!)

13 pint size mason jars
Danglies if desired (I used a snowflake ornament)

Recycled hanging basket (paint it or leave it - el-naturel...)
tea light candles

Wire cutters

To hang your mason jar and create a handle.:
Wire #1:Cut a piece of wire the width of the mouth plus three inches.  Create a loop in each end.
Wire #2: Cut a piece of wire to fit around the jar plus 2".

Thread the end of Wire #2 thru the loops on wire #1.
Wrap wire #2 around top of jar and twist ends together to secure tight.  Position wire #1 so that it is in the center of the jar and will hang level.

Repeat this for all jars.

Cut three pieces of small chain 12-18" depending on how long you want the jars in the center to hang.
Cut four pieces of small chain 3" long

Attach the 3" chain at the following positions (2, 4, 8 and 10' oclock) to the upside down planter.
Attach the ends of these chains to the larger chain.
Attach the 12" chain underside of the planter using s-hooks in the 2, 6 and 10 position.  Attach three jars using s-hooks.

Hang jars to outside of planter with s-hooks
Attach any danglies desired

Hang candle chandelier from ceiling by attaching the large chain with an strong s-hook to a hook firmly implanted into the ceiling.

I alternated the height of my jars.  

Sounds like alot...but really it goes pretty quick.  
Just remember not to leave the candles unattended!!.

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