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How to create Faux Porcelain Cabachons with Friendly Plastic Pellets + Free Printables

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How to create faux porcelain cabochons with Friendly Plastic Pellets

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Friendly Plastic Blog - Linda Peterson

Maybe it's just this time of year that I get a little sentimental or maybe it's the weather, I don't know.  I always looked forward to rainy days.  Why? Because that's the time my Mom and I would sit on the bed and I would get to look through all the treasures in her jewelry box.  On any other day, this was off limits.

Being a little girl and having free reign of the jewelry box was such a special time.  I remember looking at vintage porcelain brooches that were passed down from generation to generation from my Grandma's.

And so with vintage jewelry being so popular and the great memories that I have of the jewelry box, I wondered if it was possible to make my own cabochons just like - or similar to - those that I had admired when I was little.

Friendly Plastic pellets came to mind because they  moldable. Having the ability to use my own digital photo images also meant that I could create whatever I wanted.  I didn't have to rely on what I could find or what the crafts store offered.  It seemed like a perfect blend to me - photo crafts and friendly plastic crafts!
Get creative and use your vintage ephemra (available below as a free download) and clip art too.

So please enjoy the latest episode of Friendly Plastic TV.  This jewelry making idea is perfect for beginner's and those of you who have never tried Friendly Plastic or Friendly Plastic Pellets before.

After the show, please go below to get your FREE DOWNLOADS

How to make faux porcelain cabochons free printable project tutorial - DOWNLOAD HERE
(this link will open in a new window - press "cntrl p" to print or right click and "save as")

Vintage Cabochons with Friendly Plastic Pellets

Printable Instructions - ( right click "save as" or "cntrl p" to print)

Kit Available below 

Designed by Linda Peterson

Friendly Plastic Pellets -1oz
Vintage Jewelry Findings of choice
Bead caps, headpins and chain of choice
Heat Tool
Non-stick Mat
Gloss Gel Medium
Ink jet images
Jewelry Adhesive

Before creating cabachon, resize images to size and print out.  Cover with two coats of gloss gel medium and allow to dry.


  • Heat approximately 1/2 to 1 oz of pellets until clear - depending on the size of the cabachon you want to create.  Experiment with sizes - you can re-use any left over plastic.
  • Shape into a marble size ball.  Flatten with palm and shape into an oval or circle with a domed top. Hint:  Baby oil helps your finger to glide and prevent finger prints.  If fingerprints appear, heat with a heat tool and they will melt away.
  • Set aside and allow to cool or drop into a container of cold water.
  • Moisten the back of the image with water.  This makes the image flexible so that it will lay flat.  Apply a thin layer of gel medium to back of image and to the cabachon.  
  • Place image face up on to cabachon and position where desired.  Fold over edges to the back side if needed.  Apply a top coat of gel medium and allow to dry.
  • If a glossier finish is desired, apply 3D Crystal lacquer, Glossy Accents or Envirotex light and allow to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Glue your cabachon to your vintage findings with jewelry adhesive.  Attach chains and findings as desired.  Enjoy!!

FREE Friendly Plastic Kit available to the first 50 people!
Kit includes:

  • 1 small bag - approximately 1.5 oz of Friendly Plastic Pellets
  • 1 printable collage sheet as shown above

Please pay shipping and handling of $6.00 US Addresses Only Please

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