Monday, June 2, 2014

How to make a hanging herb garden in 20 minutes + How to Video

Sometimes a task seems so overwhelming, that it's better left undone.  Or, so it seems. Okay, on second thought, that's never a good idea!   I've turned a blind eye to a portion of our yard directly between our house and my studio for the past 2 years because a repair to our waterline two years ago left us with a a complete and utter mess of dirt, rocks, lumps, uneven ground and so much more that I just can't describe in words.

This year, I decided that in small steps, I would take control.  I rented a skidsteer, bought top soil and hired my son to level out the lumps and bumps in the yard.  He even taught me to run how to run it (yes there's video proof). Ever since, I've been tackling this area step at a time.

Two criteria for me; make it pretty, and limit the budget (because I tend to be more creative when I'm limited).

I'm using field rocks that we have all over the back 40, as we call our fence line,  to outline the flower beds, I've transplanted flowers from parts of the area we don't directly see to my new flower beds and I've combined junkin' finds and reclaimed barn wood and made garden art to give my areas more visual interest.

I'm happy with how the backyard makeover is coming together, still a work in progress.  Eventually, plans are to turn it into a backyard farm homestead and I'll be an official backyard farmgirl!

For today's trash to treasure video, I'm showing you how to make a hanging herb garden from upcycled mason jars and reclaimed barn wood.  This mini hanging garden is ideal if you are short on time and space.

Hint:  Collect mason jars from thrift stores and yard sales where you can pick them up for next to nothing.  I have just over $5 (minus the plants - they were $2.50 each)  in the project because I had to buy duct clamps (hose clamps)and brackets from my local hardware store. You could substitute wire I suppose for the hose clamps, just make sure that the wire fits snug around the lips of the jars.

So, take control! Have a great summer! Happy June! Goodmorning Sunshine and all that good stuff!

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XXOO - Linda

Stay tuned - the upcycled window project is coming soon!

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