Monday, August 3, 2009

Beading in No time

Took a little break from the studio today to go fishing with my Dad. He got a new depth finder and was just itchin to see how well it worked. He doesnt have to twist my arm at all to go with him.....seriously......I jump at every chance I get to go fishin with him. Although the fishing wasn't that great, I did enjoy the time with him. We saw a momma deer and her two new fawns drinking at the waters edge. Amazingly they weren't scared of us at all and it was fun to just sit there and watch the fawns play for a few minutes.

Last was an incredibly wonderfully creative week with Jen. But now, it's back to working on my book - Beading in No Time due out next spring. As the title indicates, these projects will be easy to complete and perfect for all of you who want instant gratification.

I love to create designs that you will actually wear and are timeless. As always my style is to give you an idea and then allow your creative process to flow.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some sneak peaks of what's stay tuned or book mark this page....or subscribe!

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