Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook and Old Friends

It's story time today....(by the way though, POMS will be out later today or first thing tomorrow)...

Today's story is about Facebook. I know some of you don't get's Dad doesn't get it - he really doesnt get text messaging either...he says..."Hey, If I want to talk to you - I'll call you on the phone!". I often wonder if when back in his day....his Dad would have said..."why do I need to call you on the phone? If I want to talk to you...I'll just come over?"...Maybe I should ask Dad that?

Beyond the fact that some people question WHY TEXT...Why Facebook? We are in the age of technology and that is really bringing us closer to the entire world in an instant.

I digress though and say that I at one time didn't get facebook either..I mean do people really care that Im eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? Seriously? Probably not. But...I did the facebook thing so that I could keep up with the kids...see the kids forget that you are there friends and you can learn allllll sorts of interesting things about them....when "they're in a relationship" or when they have a fall out with their girlfriend and "they are single" - you can learn all about them and not even talk to them....

So...I have a facebook account (and Im going for the most friends wins so - be my friend :o)) and I primarily use it for business networking (works wonders!) and the occassional keep up with the family and my close friends.......but.........there's more...And so the story goes.....

I moved to Springfield, Illinois when I was 5 and lived on Somerton Road near the fairgrounds. The lot beside us was empty, but soon someone bought it and built a house. That's when I met the little girl next door, Carol. She had an older brother Joey and a younger brother who was just a baby named Sean. Over the years, Carol and I played together - aLOT! We liked the same thing, we loved to ride bikes, we loved dolls and we both had an incredible imagination...and we made "clubs" out of blankets...makeshift tents that we called the "club house". HAD to be a member of the club to get NO BOYS ALLOWED!

In 1979 I moved to Branson, Missouri. We took an occassional trip back "home" to visit friends. But I only remember visiting Carol and her family one time - not too long after we moved. After that I never talked to her again. I still have a couple of friends from Illinois and I've asked about her often, but they also lost touch...and I always wondered what ever happened to my little strawberry blonde friend Carol...........

So Im sitting here at the computer yesterday writing out the next Jewelry POM club project and my phone goes DING! - that's a text message...and I look on it and it says "Are you the Linda I lived next door to on Somerton Road" and it was from CAROL!!!!!! and it was a facebook message!...and Im thinking OH MY GOODNESS! CAROL!!!!! ITS HER ..and she found me!
I couldnt type that message back fast many things were blitzing in my ...she took the time to find me..WOW! and WOW! after all these years it's her...and then flashbacks of when we were kids and how I tormented her older brother Joey endlessly and teased him so bad and he would get so mad at me.....and clubs...and bike was like a trip back thru time! And so....we reconnected! After all these years.

We still have lots to catch up much as we have in common then...we have the same in common now. She loves to make jewerly and she sells what she makes. She's a writer and writes for the local paper. Her dream is to be a novelist...and I KNOW she can do it! She has two little girls - adorable little girls and she's still the same beautiful strawberry blonde hair grown up girl that I remember. MY FRIEND CAROL!

She probably has no idea how that one little sentence she texted made my whole day! Im still saying WOW!

So NOW do you get Facebook??????

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