Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Combining Friendly Plastic with ArtEmboss Pewter

Are you following us on Twitter or Facebook? If so, you might have noticed the tweet from Becky Finch (amacocrafts) asking everyone what we could combine with Friendly Plastic.

At that same moment, oddly enough, I was working with some Friendly Plastic pieces I had made and creating metal bezels and bails for them from ArtEmboss Pewter. I wanted to share them with you to give you a little inspiration. (Im wearing the orange/red one today)

Have you tried this technique? It is so simple! I know you will LOVE it! I've also created a video on how to do this on YouTube.

If you want further inspiration or this technique along with other ideas using ArtEmboss metals, check out my book - Metal Jewelry 101

Click Here to order and for more details!

Now...I need your help....we are only 4 members away from 200 followers on our Facebook Friendly Plastic Fan Page.... Have you joined? Who can you invite?? Help us spread the word!!

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