Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Video - Creating with Pellets

Carter, young 15 year old inspiring artist on our Facebook Fan Page suggested something that would be more sculptural in the next video. So here's to you Carter and I hope you and everyone else enjoy!

Let me just say this...sculpting is easy...that is, easy once you understand the 6 Simple Shapes and how they play a part in creating complex shapes.

The Simple shapes are: ball, log, tapered log, rounded triangle, teardrop and cube. By combining these shapes in various sizes and blending away the seam you create more complex shapes.

This video uses simple balls, logs and tapered logs to create the Sea Turtle. And here's a little hint. After he's finished....make a mold of him and make more and more, because the pellets work perfect in molds!

Okay...enough of me....enjoy the show!

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