Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's time for the GREAT CRAFTER's TOOL HUNT 2!!!  And I need your help and your vote!  Amaco was invited to participate using a brand new product called Cloud Clay!  It's an airdry clay that literally "stretches beyond your imagination".  I call it a "party in a package" because there is no way you can handle this clay and not just feel good....its like those wonderful squishy stress balls...except you can shape it!  It bounces and its as light as a feather - or in this case - a cloud!

So here's the details:

When Creativity Knocks is once again sponsoring the Great Crafter’s Tool Hunt.  AMACO is a participant and needs your vote!
This online, reality-based craft show merges the generational gap and combines crafters and creative minds of all disciplines. Expert Designer Ana Araujo and Host Megan Araujo, along with a variety of guests, bring weekly creative projects featuring a variety of mediums.  
Ana Araujo headed to the Craft & Hobby Association’s Winter Trade Show in Anaheim looking for something new, something cool and something that she – and WCK viewers – can’t live without!  During the Show, WCK taped 13 segments for the Great Crafter’s Tools Hunt 2.  Each of the segments will be featured in “The WCK Great Crafter’s Tool Hunt” on  When Creativity Viewers will vote for their favorite tool, and the winning manufacturer will win a free episode on When Creativity Knocks, valued at $750.00.
Beginning February 12th, you'll be able to view all of the tools in the second Great Crafter's Tool Hunt and cast your vote! 

To vote for AMACO (and me), follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the WCK Website at When Creativity
  • LOGIN* and register (to login in on the WCK site, answer the math problem. (example: 12-3= login answer is 9).
  • Click on the tool video you want to watch.
  • Next to the TV screen will be a voting box. Click on the voting box to register your vote.
  • Voting closes at 12 midnight (PST) on February 21s.t
  • One lucky crafter will win all of the tools in the hunt!
Vote for AMACO’s Cloud Clay™ and Pasta Machine tools today!

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