Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Featuring the Claywork of Helen Dorn

Facebook is a great way to meet new friends of common interest.  Each week, I attend Cool2Craft Live where I met Helen Dorn.  We "friended" each other and last week I had a chance to chat with her.  I can tell you there is a load of talented artists on Facebook and Helen is among them.  Her clay characters have such a charm factor to them that makes them hard to resist!

Helen Terlalis Dorn has been a polymer clay artist since 1990 when she did her first local show in Charleston, SC and sold out before the show officially started!!  Helen relates that her "clay idols" - Shelly Comisky and myself were an inspiration to her from the very beginning. She has been featured on morning television news shows in Roanoke and Richmond, VA while participating in large convention shows up north.  She now lives in Viera, FL and continues to do shows there in sunny paradise. 

 It's no surprize to me that her clay figures are a HOT commodity...and that she sold out BEFORE the show! I am truely honored to be an inspiration to her!
Please visit her whimsical world at

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