Friday, May 21, 2010

THINK PINK! - Pom clubs and other stuff

So last week was polymer clay week...and I loved getting all those entries!  This weeks theme...I believe is going to be "PINK"!  So send me anything that oozes pink!

In line with that, the POM club project this month will also be featuring pink.  I won't reveal the character, but I will reveal that the inspiration for the character is the BREAST CANCER AWARENESS pink ribbon.  Yesterday, I met up with Mariah's school nurse, who is just recovering from a blast of chemo and finishing up radiation treatments.  My mother has also been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past couple of years.  That's when it hit me again, that breast cancer or cancer for that fact is an incidious disease and takes it's toll on far tooo many great people.  Yes I know this is not Breast Cancer Awareness Month...but why does there have to be a month?...unfortunately women are diagnosed everyday....

So...this months feature will be a pink ribbon..."suprize" celebrate all the lives that have been lost, all the lives that are fighting and all the battles with cancer that have been won!

So...please share your PINK...especially Breast Cancer pink related craft items and if you care...a story to go along with it about your inspiration.

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