Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fusion Illusion class photos from CrafTECH University

I believe CrafTECH University is the first of it's kind. It offers LIVE - Interactive - In real time video driven classes. We literally had students from all over the world, from the East and West Coast of the US to Liverpool England. We were all able to get together is a relaxing aptmosphere, learn and enjoy one another's creativity.

The unique features of this room are that the video pane floats and can be enlarged according to your personal preferences. We can also view up to 6 webcams at any given time.  Detailed close up video allows you to see exactly what the instructor is doing.

And because we have the control to turn on and off webcams- anyone can share - just as if they were sitting right next to you.

This happens to be a photo of one of our students in Liverpool England showing us how she is using the hotwater method to melt her plastic.

At the end of class they were given the assignment to finish their pendants and send me photos.  Look how great they did!  Most of these students had NEVER worked with Friendly Plastic before.

This is Molly F.'s photo

From Lisa R.

 From Dee P.

 And from Pat G.

Quick learners for sure!!! They have definately become Friendly Plastic Addicts!

If you wanted to take this class but missed it - Don't worry - YOU CAN!  That's another great feature of this format is that the class is recorded and you can purchase the recorded version. 

Only $12.00 and a link will be provided and send to you via email for you to view as often as you would like.  Start and Stop...watch - rewatch....

There are so many more classes available at CraftTECH University. So check them all out.  Polymer clay - Turquoise, Terrific Textures and more - CLICK HERE

Purchase of the live classes includes the links to view the recorded versions on demand. Interact, Create and have fun!

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