Saturday, May 22, 2010


We're happy to say that the recording of today's class is available online.  So - if you weren't able to make it, want to see how our format to see how it works, well, here is your chance. 

With the recorded version, you can start and stop at leisure and view it on demand.  The down side is that you can not 'undock' the instructors video panel meaning that "one size of video" is all you get.  Also, this format is not live and no other support is given.

To view the video, simply go to the "view" menu at the upper left corner of the screen.  Drop down to video and you will notice that the instructor video panel will appear.  You can actually turn off all the other panels to make viewing more enjoyable.

Recorded version of this class is only $12.00 and I can tell you there is a wealth of information packed into this hour and a half presentation.

A link to the access the recorded video will be sent to you via your email.


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Anonymous said...

I watched the recording today, Linda, after my appt. Good one! I caught even more things that I didn't catch the first time at class. Thanks for having this available. Pat

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