Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let It Snow - Polymer Clay Snowman Scene

Last weekend, we were supposed to get a major snow storm - up to 8 inches. The girls were so excited that the night before, they dug out all their snowgear and even found the sled buried deep under a pile of who knows what in the garage.

Sad to say, the temperature just didn't cooperate and about the only snow we received was a light dusting if that. They were so disappointed. I was too! It was the weekend and I had no where to go, just stay home and enjoy the beautiful white scenery in the Missouri Ozarks. We were planning on building snowmen, having a snowball fight and we have just enough of a hill on our property to make sledding fun!

So how can you make a snowman when there's just no snow???? Out of polymer clay of course! This happens to be one of the snow scenes I sold years ago on eBay. It's among my favorites. It really makes me smile when I look at it. Have you ever been around someone so happy...that you just can't help but be happy yourself?

If you find the winter time depressing, maybe these snowmen will cheer you up...just stare at them and in no time I'm sure you'll have a smile on your face. And better yet, use them as an inspiration point to create your very own snow scene!

There's projects this on the POM club - take advantage of that special!

I hope to be sharing more snowy, wintery inspiration in the days to come so stay tuned...Stay warm and be happy!

(background papers by - from the December 07 premiere membership)


Helen said...

Linda, That little snowman scene has a special place on my mantle every year. It is by far my most favorite piece in my snowman collection. Helen

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Helen!! I am so glad that you have that snowman!! It makes me smile to know that you enjoy it every year! (I guess I should have kept records of who has what...but I didnt) Nice to know that it's home is with a very special friend! Linda

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