Thursday, September 23, 2010

13th Annual Loft Walk and Steampunk show in Springfield, MO

No sooner, than I got off the plane last Saturday did I find out about Cider Days.  My stepdaughter Elise wanted me to take her and who was I to say no?  - (especially since she's a teenager and I was invited...not to mention it was a art show!)  So...we went...step mom and daughter to the show...just us....

Amazing art from Fiber Artists, jewelry artist, potter's - but it was this booth that especially caught my attention. 

This week is host to the 13th Annual Loft Walk and Steampunk show showcasing all styles of Steampunkery...from clothing to jewelry!  Oh..I wish I could make me a body double and be in two places at once.  If you are local and you happen to attend...please please email me with photo's of this event.

It was at this same booth that I met Christine aka Mosaica of the Urban Zoo.  Christine is an eclectic woman who's mission is to bring out everyone's creative juice.  Her booth was filled with bits and pieces of what we craft-a-holics would call craft chocolate heaven...pieces of mosaic, found objects, broken plates...all jumping out at you saying PICK ME PICK ME.  

For $5-7 you could choose a tray shape, fill it with concrete and then "shop" for inspiration to create a one of a kind masterpiece sensation.  

Elise and I took this opportunity to share some creative time together and we chose objects reminiscent of the day.  (I'll photo's at the house and Im in the studio...)  We had a fab time...together ...creating....really does it get much better than that??? doesnt!

I realized that I still had my video camera on I grabbed it and taped a quick field segment for CrafTECH U on the road...which I'll be editing in the next week.  I interviewed Christine and her work and I really think you'll enjoy her story.

Christine offers classes in her studio on Historic Commercial Street in Springfield Missouri.  To find out more about her classes email her at

Stay tuned for the field segment.....and the reveal of my project of wonders from yesterday....


Gerri said...

ohhh can't wait to see your creation Linda!!

PaMdora said...

Hi Linda, I happened to see your post asking for photos of the Steampunk Loftwalk. Here's two blog posts about the event with lots of photos:

Click on a post

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