Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My first Book Signing for "Beading in No Time" held at the Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis's my little story of this event...hope you enjoy it!

I am blessed....very blessed to be able to create and design and work in the industry that I love.  I am also blessed to be affiliated with a fabulous publisher - Cico Books!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I was asked to attend the Creative Connection Event for Amaco, manufacturer's of Friendly Plastic.  So as I was perusing their website, I noticed that my publisher was one of the sponsors and was holding a book signing event.  When they realized I was attending, I was also invited to participate in the book signing  they had scheduled.  Awesome right?????  I thought so.... I know...Im not on the New York Times best selling list or nothing, but hey...still awesome!

Then the day of the signing, and it's funny because the closer it came to the time......the more nervous I got - then my mind started spinning...what if no one comes..what if I sit embarrassing..right?  So why do I ALWAYS plant ideas in my head like that?  I have no earthly idea why I do such things to myself....

Anyways.....there I sat...and one by one... I signed a couple books....then the girls at the door told everyone I was signing and then I had a LINE!  Wow a LINE!!! who wouldn't line up for a complimentary book..(that's beside the point-lets just stay in my happy world) WOW! a LINE! 

The event was great....48 women received a complimentary copy of my book Beading In No Time which were generously donated by Cico Books.  I enjoyed meeting each and everyone one of them - I AM a people person ya know. 

If you were one of the "lucky" ones to receive my book from this past weekend, would you please drop a line to Marny at Cico and thank her for arranging all of this?

Don't worry if you missed getting a copy.  Here's another chance to review the book and enter to get a complimentary copy.  Visit

Click here on the link

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