Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 of the Photoshoot

It's day ONE of the photoshoot for my next book entitled METALWORK JEWELRY.  This book is all about the steampunk, found object and vintage grunge look that is so hot and trendy right now.  It is filled with 35 projects, 138 pages complete with over 250 step by step photo's and tips and tricks to help make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

The projects will range in skill level - beginning with EASY!  So, if you've always wanted to try making metal jewelry, YOU CAN DO THIS!  We use things from scrapbooking supplies and combine them to create jewelry, to simple techniques working with copper.  The projects graduate as you progress in your skill level and by the end of the book, you will be doing some light metalsmithing, learning to solder,etch and more.
I've also combined the metal with all sorts of other things will just get your creative juices flowing and give you all sorts of ideas on how to complete beyond using chains.. 

The book will be released in March 2011 and as soon as I have the final front cover on the book, I'll put up a link on the CraftE-store for you to reserve your signed copy.

I did take a couple of behind the scenes pictures of our photography shoot here...but guess what?  You Guessed it! I left my camera at the studio! I guess you'll just have to stay tuned to the blog for photo's hopefully tomorrow.

It's always a great time getting back together with my wonderfully talented team of help.  I would love to say that I do this all by myself...but the fact is I don't.  It's a team effort and each and every member of this team is so talented and I appreciate everything they bring to make my books successful. 

Geoff Dann, my photographer  taught me so much about photography.  I credit him with really increasing the quality of my photos - mostly how to bounce light and of course along the way, he's learned to create he wanted to or not! :o)

Along with Geoff, we have a photography assistant Mark.  Mark is invaluable at editing all the photos...he's the one that takes all the boo-boo's in my hands out.  Last year I remember him painstakingly editing out a papercut on every single photo...that's over 300 photo's for the week!!!  Couldn't work without him either.

And lastly..but not the bit my wonderful editor Marie Clayton.  Marie is an accomplished author herself and has written an encyclopedia on Sewing techniques.  She works so hard to make sure that everything I write is in order.  She double checks all my material lists, proofs my work and even helps in keeping the photo's organized and matching them to the projects. No easy task!  If you've ever been involved in writing a book you know just how hard our editors work.

As I said before, even though my name is on the front cover, it is a real team effort.  Aside from those I just mentioned, there are even more people that work on the book including style photographers, stylists, book designers, proofreaders and our editor in chief.  Hours and hours of hard work go into bringing you these books. I'm excited to be a part of the process.  Plus it gets me a trip to London!

Im in Islington, a little burrow of London.  A very quaint area with a street market just outside the studio.  Vendors line the street to sell a variety of things from flea market finds- old books, records and just general stuff, to new items such as jewelry along with ethnic food, in fact there was a Thai stand just outside the door.  Generally there are fresh pastries, chocolates, cheeses along with mexican, thai, chinese and indian cuisines.  It gets packed!  This year I vow to spend a little time at the market.

While I'm here, I couldnt miss the coolest craft show on the internet - Cool2Craft!  We want to take this show on the road wherever possible. So - I popped in the room to say  HELLO to all my cool friends and let them know a little about what I do.  If you tuned in and asked me questions, I am so sorry if I did not answer them, I was kinda pressed for time. 

I hope to be bringing you a field segment on Steampunk coming up here in the next week or two.  I think you'll really enjoy stepping "outside the studio" to see what other creative people are doing.

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