Monday, June 25, 2012

Green Goddess Vintage Style Jewelry with Sweet Antiq's

I don't often sell my work.  I'm not sure why, other than the fact that so many times when I'm creating I attach sentimental memories to the piece, remembering loved ones who have passed and happy times with them and then I can't part with it.

This piece does hold those special memories.  As I created it I remembered the craft shows that I used to do with my Mom.  We would buy big lots of metal charms and vintage style findings and create jewelry together.  I also remember my Aunt June who was the instigator behind us doing this.  She traveled California to a variety of quilt and antique market shows to sell her wares.

With vintage so popular and some of those findings being either hard to find or downright expensive, I wanted to provide all my followers a way to cut the cost, increase their creativity and perhaps remember great times.

This is one of my latest pieces I am offering at my Etsy Store - Sweet Antiq's - Please take a moment to check it out - it really needs a good forever home!

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