Sunday, March 1, 2009

Colorado Road Trip - Day 5 A visit to the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild and QUEEN of polymer clay - DONNA KATO

We had a little time to spare before we went to the guild. So, we decided to go to the Chico's Outlet...and what a shopping feast that was.... Six outfits (mix and match) for $50.... Can you believe it????

I knew that if the day started out that good, it would only get better! And it did..... We arrived to the guild meeting a little late. Tracy Miller was demonstrating techniques with shrink plastic and showing how to turn them into earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Her work was very pretty. - She had to leave before I was able to take some photo's of her work...sorry...But google her name as she doesnt have a website as of yet.

Here is Tracy finishing her demo.

Here's me with my mentor and friend the Royalty of Polymer Clay...Queen Donna Kato....

She just came to visit and talk with the ladies. Of course, they were happy to see her. And as normal as her giving spirit is, she shared her knowledge and answered all their questions...

Here is Angie, who makes these adorable little dragons. She has a site on etsy:

The dragons are inspired by her daugher. Much like my situation, Angie spent alot of time in and out of hospitals with her daughter and they would sit and imagine. How cool is that...Mom and daughter art?

Here is Jen with Angie and Tina......Small world, Tina is from the same part of Missouri that I am from and she knows some of my distant relatives......scary! (for her...)

This girl saw me on the the Carol Duvall Show and was inspired to create the cute adorable critters below. I believe her name is Rachel...but please forgive me if that isn't right...! I just met soooo many people
Isnt he adorable????? SUCH Personality!

Antje is on the left and Karen is on the right. Karen made the beautiful organic pod's...that look sort of like gourds above.

Here's a picture of Maggie....I think polymer clay just makes you want to smile all the time...(wait till she meets friendly plastic....she'll be giggling all the time!)

And here we all at lunch. The lady on the far left - Peg also saw me on the Carol Duvall show and remembers me as the "air dry" lady. That's when I was doing Craft porcelain, roses and other flowers. But she loves the medium. FUnny, because I saw her work at the Bead Lounge in Longmont and was oohing and ahhing over her work....and then I met her today...
As for friendly plastic....the Premier Challenge and guidelines are up on the Friendly Plastic Blog.
Jana will be posting some beatiful friendly plastic jewelry there tomorrow.
And visit Jen Lowe's blog as she shows you how to create a mold using friendly plastic

What enjoyable day, meeting new creative friends !! Memories will last a lifetime.

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