Monday, February 24, 2014

Mixed Media Monday - Bling Your Bezels - The easy way to make a Zebra Pendant

I’m drawn to things that are classic, classy and don’t go out of style.  Animal prints are always fashionable and black and white, well, it just goes with everything!  If you have wanted to try polymer clay, this is a great project to start with.  It’s easy and you can make it an wear it in about an hour!

A big thank you to the folks at for generously donating the clay used in this project.

Watch the 2 minute video  - click here

How to make a Zebra Pendant with polymer clay

Project Dimensions: varies

Spellbinders Supplies:

MB1-002S Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Squares One – Silver bezels
Premo®polymer clay in black and white
Brayer or pasta machine
Spiral crimp tubes
Clay knife*
Leather cording
Jump ring
Crystal Dangle
Sculpey Gloss Glaze
Non-stick work surface
E-6000® glue adhesive
Jewelry pliers

Designer tip:  Any of the bezels in the Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ line or The Guilded Life line will work with this project, so choose your favorite.  I chose the square shape to make the pendant a statement piece.  You can also create a coordinating bracelet and earrings with the MB1-502S or MB1-503S set.

We will be using the large and the medium size pendant in the set.

Condition each color of clay by rolling it through the pasta machine, fold the sheet in half and pass back through several times until it is soft and pliable.  You can also condition by rolling the clay by hand with a brayer, folding in half and repeating these steps several times.

Flatten each color of clay to approximately 1/8” thick

Press the top of the large bezel into the black clay to create an impression.  Cut out with clay blade and insert black sheet into the bottom of the bezel.

Fill the medium bezel with white clay. 

Cut thin angled strips of black clay.  Position onto white clay to create zebra pattern stripe.  When finished gently roll a brayer over the surface to even it out and set the stripes in place.

Bake both bezels according to the manufacturers directions for approximately 45 minutes and let cool. 

Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the clay surface and let dry.

Glue medium bezel into center of large bezel.

Attach bezels to cording with jump ring.

Attach toggle to cording with jump rings. 

Attach dangle to bottom loop with jump ring.

Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email to confirm your subscription.  Thank you!

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