Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Circa 2005 Carol Duvall Show - Moose Pen Part 1

So you want to make a moose pen? Well, let me help you do that!  Here's a Throwback Thursday special as one of my last tapings (so sad!) of the Carol Duvall Show just before HGTV took the programming off the air.

This is the episode, that just before going live on camera, Carol looked at me, put her hand on top of mine - (because literally, this was the last day of taping, the last segment, the last show of the season and the last show forever taped) - and she said with a warm smile - "Linda, when one door closes, another one will open".   I will always remember those words even though sometimes the doors have been a little rusty to open...they do open!

There's a sweet story about how these pens all came about and you can read about it here.
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