Monday, March 31, 2014

The Art Journaling Round UP! + videos

Happy Springtime!!!  I know you are all wanting to get out and enjoy the springlike weather.  So, why not take your journaling outdoors?  Set up a table, grab some paper, paints and markers and enjoy the fresh air and do some creating at the same time.

Today, I'm sharing a round up of the recent Art Journaling videos we've had to date.  In this round up of videos, I show you how to create texture with caulking, how to add layers to your art journal pages and canvases, how to doodle to add fun and whimsey, and how to make art dolls using a combination of simple shapes.  There's a one more "secret" video left in the series and to get a sneak peek, make sure you're signed up to my newsletter which includes helpful hints and tips that I don't share on my blog.

Have fun, happy spring and I'll see you soon with more projects!!

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