Thursday, October 25, 2007

Metal Mania - Mad for Metal Jewelry

Wearing metal jewelry is very trendy....very vogue....and very easy to create yourself. The collection of ArtEmboss metals from Amaco make it very affordable as well.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my next book about making jewelry with metals today. I have no idea what the title will lets just call Mad for Metal Jewelry. Like it?? Have suggestions???? Leave them in the comment's - I'd love to hear them.

So...what will the book feature? Glad you asked! It's another technique based learn the techniques and mix and match the projects (and there are alot of projects). With this book the focus was not on making beads - although I do show you how to make beads from metal. What you'll find is more focal pieces, ear rings to make in a snap and a few bracelets. The projects feature styles from whimsical, colorful and fun to organic, altered and just plain unique and creative. I'll show you a unique way to stamp on metal and get awesome designs...but we don't use ink....and yet.. we get a design on the metal. Sound intriquing?? We do alot with copper and pewter and just for the fun of it...Ive designed some pieces with metal and Friendly Plastic. It's making a huge come-back you know. I couldn't help but to include some memory bracelets as well. Why not wear your little scrapbook on your wrist??? Show it off!!

It will be released also in Spring 2008. It's only 18 pages but it packs a punch. I believe it will retail for around $8.00. So...if you're interested in your signed copy...I'd gladly add your name to the list.

Thanks for everyone who emailed to add their name to the Making Beads book debut - signed copy - list! It's not too late to add yours!

I'll be on a little Mini-vacation...heading to the family farm in Iowa. My husband is doing the guy-thing....hunting for pheasants. I'll be doing the girl thing - scrapbooking and then on Monday we'll celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. So have a safe and crafty weekend...snug in with a cup of coffee and a good crafty magazine and get inspired.....


Katie Hacker said...

I love these designs, Linda! I can't wait to see your new books. Beautiful work!

Jen said...

How about "Mad for Metal - Made into Jewelry"?

Mad for metal
made into jewelry
Charms and things that
bring mem' ries to me

Mad for metal
That's what you'll become
Using photos
Your past may be from

Mad for metal
And Linda's new book
Have to wait now
Before we can look!

Tee! Hee!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Thanks so much Ladies!!!

Jen, you've out done yourself again on your poem! LOVE IT! and thanks for taking the time to write it for me!

Be sure to check out their blogs

Vickie said...

Love your blog and your work! Please put me on your list for the Mad For Metal Jewelry book when it is published. Thank you

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