Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends, Family and a Scrapbook party - A recipe for a real fun time!

It's autumn and the only means one thing, I'm a hunting widow. My husband spends most of his time out and about on the hunt for anything that is in season. What's the solution? Autumn scrapbook parties with all the other hunting widows! They hunt....we scrap!

We continued the creative girls weekend with a cozy little scrapbook party on Saturday. Before the party, the girls and I made home made potato chips for the party (couldn't wait to use my new kitchen gadget) We had a ball. The party started later that afternoon and by the time we finished, between the 4 adults, 1 teenager and 3 kids, we finished 26 pages in just a few hours.

No matter how much space we have it never seems to be enough. We sprawled out onto chairs and even broke out the ironing board to set stuff on....oh what a mess!!!!

Jennifer, another hunting widow whose husband blogs on alphatrilogy.com worked on pages from a recent trip to New York. She also brought her scrapbook from the 80's party we had back in February...what a riot! (Did we really dress like that??) I helped my mother in law put pages together and journal. Mariah created some pages about her best friend, Kaitlyn. Elise and Julia created pet scrapbook pages about our english pointer named Maggie, my Mom started a heritage album about her dad and Emma, Jennifers daughter scrapped her trip to Mexico. It was a great time, quality time with friends and our kids. Everyone really enjoyed it and .....they ate some really yummy potato chips!!

PS.....looking at this mess to clean up...I know now why I love digital scrapbooking!! I love to make the mess...just hate to clean it up!

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