Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making Beads and Polymer Clay Jewelry - New Book for March 2008

There's so much going on at the ART BUZZ TODAY!!!! I just received my book spreads! I'm excited that my book is coming along rather quickly! It's been a great experience to be involved full circle in the production of this book, from creating the projects to the photography. I learned so much from it.

I'm quite confident that this book will be a MUST HAVE in your polymer clay library. I have written the instructions so that those of you who "think" you want to work with clay...and those of you who "want" to work with clay-but are just scared to try it can take the plunge and be successful the first time! Each project is like taking a class with me and learning a new technique.

Even though this is a technique based book, there are also guided instructions on what to do with all the beads and focal pieces you've just created so that you can create stunning jewelry all from scratch. Believe me, it's a real "high" when someone compliments you on your jewelry and you can say "I MADE IT MYSELF!!".

The book features techniques on simulating semi-precious stones, easy caning and more along with lots of ideas to string and finish your piece. Get creative and mix-n-match designs with techniques. This book will definately spark your creativity and give you lots of inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

I was also pleased to have Marie, a very talented editor work hand in hand with me. Together we came up with the names for each project. They are all named after a classic movie or song. How fun huh??

Here's a sneak peak at one of the spreads!

The book is scheduled for release in late February early March 2008. It's 128 pages. Click here to add your name to the list for your autographed copy and the premier price of $24.95 which includes shipping!

(page spread and cover courtesy of Cico Books)

Check back tomorrow as I'll have more Art Buzzy news with more photo's of more jewelry...this time METAL !! You won't want to miss it!

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