Friday, April 11, 2008

London Day Six - It's a wrap!

By now you're probably thinking with the title I chose for the blog I'm going to talk about Well... not too much anyways. No...It's a Wrap because WE ARE ALL DONE FOLKS!!!!! (claps and cheering now....)
I didn't get out like yesterday so I didn't get to do quite the Taxi Hunting that I did yesterday, though I managed to get a couple of new ones. I'm hoping tomorrow on the way to the train station, I'll find some more, so I'm saving that for another time. I also have a very interesting food blog I'll be doing so keep checking back for that too.
The day couldn't begin without a trip to Waitrose to buy some Marmite for breakfast. (Sorry, but you'll just have to find out about his "love it or hate it " type of stuff in another blog. But no sooner that I got back with the marmite, Marie and David are diggin in.........( I think David is practicing his food modeling skills for one of his upcoming photography shoots - as you can see he rarely has a serious look on his face...)

Since today was the last day of the photo shoot Liz one of our editors dropped by to make sure everything was just the way they wanted it. Here is one of David's rare serious moments discussing the photograph we set up to shoot the containers for the flower arrangements. (really it wasn't as intense as it looks, but it is one of those....if you don't get it now photo''ll never get it kind of things...)

I think David may have hopped a "fashion cab" because his "thing" is funny "trainers" aka tennis shoes and "wild socks"......I believe he's sporting some his girlfriend got for him. I just have to laugh when I see this photo...makes me think he knicked these socks off a bumble bee.....
I was "forced" to wear this toga all week long over my clothes because Geoff said it reflected the light better. I like to wear dark colors, which apparently doesn't work well when you are trying to bounce light. You can only be confined in a dark studio with a toga so long before you start to go bonkers. So Geoff and I took the look to new heights as he dressed up as an arab with a Wal-Mart sack and a moustache made of sheet moss from the shoot. Pretty creative huh?? Sometimes you just have to let they don't have WalMarts in the UK....

Marie decided to join in the fun.....she wanted to make a tiara of berries and be the berry princess for our wrap up after work party....

Here's three of the girls who help make my books look so wonderful. Harri, Cindy and Liz. They are part of the editorial team at Cico. Of course they all hate their picture, but I think they are delightful, beautiful and lovely girls to work with. Thanks for all your hard work Girls!!!
Carmel has just joined Cico about 2 month ago. She's so sweet and I think she's going to be a great asset to the Cico bunch. This is the second time Marie (on the right) and I have worked closely together on a book. She's a fantastic editor and a wonderful tour guide. It's really been a pleasure getting to know her.

In the morning I hop the train North to Stoke-On-Trent to visit Gill for a few days. I just have to say THANKS to everyone on the team. Again, it was such a memorable and pleasant experience. Thanks for all your friendship and professional talent and all the laughs! You're the best!!!!!!

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