Wednesday, April 9, 2008

London Day Four

It occurred to me this morning while I was waiting for Marie to pick me up, that there are sooooo many different colors of taxi cabs here. In the states you mostly have yellow....but not here. So Im on a hunt for unusual taxi cab's. I took a few today, but they are still on my camera. I hope to have that for you tomorrow .

I did get a snippit of video on driving on the opposite side of the road as's in my camera too. And frankly...I'm just too tired to fool with it tonight.

Today, nothing really eventful happened. My publisher Cindy stopped by, and although she made a few changes, she was overall very pleased with the arrangements I did for the book. So...all I have to say is...WHEW!!!! R-E-L-E-I-F!

It was such a long day today. We filmed alot of tedious stuff. Until write a book, you really have no idea just how much time and people power is packed into a How-To book. But, it's something I really enjoy, so I wouldn't trade it for anythingl

I did get a photography lesson over lunch. I had Geoff critique the photo I took out my window last night. (the one posted yesterday) He said overall I did a pretty good job!! I was thrilled. I did get a lesson in aperature settings and shooting in low light. This is really helpful when you are in situations that you just can't use a flash. Like when you are trying to take photographs at the British Museum and you don't want the flash to bounce off the glass case. So THANK YOU Geoff for the tips.

Sorry to say I am WIPED Im going to have to keep this short and sweet and say night night. I do hope to be outside early tomorrow morning collecting taxi photos....I know...kinda silly...but ...if you can't have might as well stay home right?

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