Monday, April 14, 2008

Derbyshire Country - A tour thru Bolsover Castle

Castles of Kings and Queens and Lords are spread all over England. Today we toured the Castle in Bolsover located in Darbyshire County, known as the Bolsover Castle from the mid 16th century. Below you can see the entire grounds. On the left is the ruins of the big castle and on the right (the tall building) is the Little Castle that the Lord would stay on the weekend.
Gill and I in front of the Little Castle
This is the doorway leading to the riding stables. Gill demonstrated for us how a horse might be ridden inside.....she's funny!
The kitchen below would serve up to 300 guests at a in this kitchen might be a challenge...
The view was spectacular. Obviously the Castle sits on top of a mountain overlooking the kingdom. I should mention, this castle had no moat.
Gill and I on the steps to the entrance of the Little Castle. The view above is looking out from the front of the castle to the left. This picture is looking to the right.
Entrance to the Little Castle. I have no idea how many rooms there were inside, but they seemed endless. There is no furniture in this castle. These are mostly just the ruins. As you'll see later, the walls inside are quite ornate
This is a picture of one of the bed chambers. Note the designs on the ceiling and walls. There were no windows in the castle so obviously most rooms had ornate fireplaces to keep warm. This fireplace is carved marble.
The arches above contained paintings such as this....
This is a view of the ceiling from the closet that is located just off the bed chamber. Closets were different back then. In this case they were quiet places where the Lady of this house would write her poetry.
Looking outside the castle to the kingdom

One of the most amazing experiences so far in this trip. I have so many more pictures of this castle but obviously do not have space for all of them.
Tomorrow is a tour of Moorcraft Pottery in Stoke-On-Trent known for it's pottery industry.

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