Monday, April 7, 2008

More from London

Sorry, something happened with blogger and so I had to post this in two separate posts. Marie, my editor from France brought over chocolates made there. She said that since chocolate melts there, they coat the chocolate with flavored meringue. (sorry for the spelling, you get the idea)

It was good day. We got allot done for the first day, lots of tedious photo's and thank goodness all the boxes I shipped over arrived - so all was well!!! We left the studio about 7pm to rush hour traffic. Thought you'd like to see this picture. I don't think I've ever been penned in this bad in any city I've ever been in during rush hour.

I don't know if you can see it but there is very little space in front of us, however, a motorcyclist zoomed up Marie's side of the car on the left (she's driving a left sided car like ours) squeezed in front of us and zoomed up the right side up to the stop light. We were constantly cut off, honked at....Talk about crazy drivers. Reminds me of the video Becky Meverden posted on her blog about Korean drivers.

Today I'm going to take a movie of what it's like driving on the "wrong" side of the road. I think my girls would love to see it. You really get scared when you see these cars zooming towards you.

A book update. I was told the books arrived yesterday. They should go out in today's mail. Please let me know if you do not receive yours. Thanks for being patient.

That's all for now....gotta get ready for day two......happy creating everyone!


Liz welch said...

So glad that you are having such fun Linda. Your traffic picture seems perfectly normal to me, in fact I can still see spaces for more bicycles and motorbikes! If you want scary, try Rome. Hope to catch you in Stoke.
(I can say this because I live in the UK and spent many years in London.)

Linda Peterson said...

I suppose they could fit a few more bicycles thru...oh my....this was just amazing to me.

Thanks for the heads up on Rome....I'll just walk.

Hope to see you in a few days.

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