Tuesday, April 8, 2008

London Day Three - Lights! Camera! Action and a few more pictures..

Before I get into today's blog.....I have to tell Dana....

I'm thinking about you right now, because I'm watching hunting wild pigs on TV....I sure do miss you. They have a British outdoor channel here Hun! The show is called Breathing Places. Anyway, love you!

Mariah, Marie's daughter Emily was with us today, wish you could have met her. I miss you too and love you...

Beth, got you some galaxy chocolate....you're in for treat!
Alex, I love you and Miss you!

Okay...now back to the blog.....thanks for letting me take care of family stuff.

Around the corner from me is a "chain" deli called Pret A Manger. In the morning and I step out of the hotel to the aroma of fresh croissants baking. How can I resist? Today I had my favorite, sun dried tomato and mozzarella croissant. Boy....does it make a mess...but boy it sure is tummy!!! Oh and add veggie crisps to that too. They are a combination of carrots, beetroot and parsnips. Sounds gross...but they are yum-ola!

I'm getting used to the money system here, identifying all the different coins so I don't look like a doofus when I pay. Now, if I can just master that accent! Not quite there yet...but it's coming along. It's pretty obvious I'm not from these parts.

Just a couple of doors down from Pret is the little market I visit to buy my Dr. Pepper. Normally I prefer iced tea, but ice seems to be a delicacy or maybe just no one likes it. In any event, you just can't find it and without ice....you guessed...no ice tea.

But....they do have rather unusual Chips in a variety of what we might consider unusual favors. That's the one thing I love about visiting different places...seeing the difference in the cruisine and even all the things they have in their markets that we don't. Walkers "crisps" are the best! I can't tell you just how many flavors they have. But when no one was looking, I snapped these photos. Could I interest you in some Roasted Chicken Chips?

Not your thing? How about Prawn Cocktail? Seems like you can flavor a potato chip with just about anything, why not make a shrimp cocktail out of it?

After we got to Geoff's studio this morning we decided we needed some munchies or "nibbles" as they call them. So Marie and I walked to Waitrose - the corner supermarket. As we walked down the road, street vendors were setting up. All sorts of food available here. One guy painted his car/truck with really scrolly designs. He had a whole Mexican cafe inside. For Mexican, it smelled pretty good..but not at 9 in the morning.

Geoff tells me this street was settled in the mid 1300's. The architecture is beautiful. It's like a quaint little village tucked away inside a great big city and was the center for 'markets" Didn't have my camera there to snap a picture of the truck/car or the road but when but we did buy Thai with lemon and Caramelized Onion and Vinegar chips at the market. Believe it or not.....they were awesome!

Okay...so quit thinking about food...lets get to work..... Here's what Geoff's studio looked like after we unpacked the four boxes I had sent over...

Today was pretty intense. We actually worked thru lunch and just munched on the nibbles, but yesterday we took a break....okay more talk about food. The little deli next door is called The Dolce Deli. You can get a variety of sandwiches and soup...or you can order a Jacket Potato. What's a jacket potato? Well...it's a baked potato and the skin is the "jacket". Apparently they like mayonnaise allot, because it's served with every potato. I happened to order the avocado, prawn and flavored mayo jacket potato. It was pretty tasty. I decided to go ahead and risk asking for ice....the lady looked at me like I was crazy!! Well...at least I tried. A jacket potato will set you back about 3 1/2 pounds.

We finished around 8pm and filmed just a little under half the book. Tomorrow will be another intense day, but then we can just relax a little the rest of the week. I don't mind working long and hard. I think we are producing a really beautiful book. Geoff is a brilliant photographer and with Marie's guidance I think we have an A+ team.

I was hoping to get a movie of rush hour, but didn't get to, so maybe tomorrow.

Now, I'm back at the hotel, the sun is setting. . Geoff really inspires me to improve my photography skills, so as the sun was setting, I practiced taking lo-light pictures out my window. Hope you enjoy the view... I'm exhausted.... nightie night......


Becky said...

Hey Linda: You world traveller. Wanna hope on over the other pond and visit. We'd love to see you and Dana here in South Korea. We'd have a blast!!!

Linda Peterson said...

Hey Becky!!! Congrats on your latest book! Saw it on your blog! I can't help but think of you and your video when I am riding thru the streets of London, it's about the same as Korea.

I'd love to visit Korea sometime. I love your blog - it's like I'm travelling to a different country thru you. Keep it up! Miss seeing you at the shows! Keep in touch

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