Saturday, January 10, 2009

More readers thoughts and CHA coming up!

Seems the subject of OOHHS and AHHHHS is still creating lots of on:

Paula writes:

Dear Linda,
When I go to a craft show and find something I just love and would be so easy to reproduce but it's not quite like I would like it, I buy it! You see so many creative things at shows and can't possibly remember all the things you want to make. It acts as a reminder and you can use the basic idea and make it your own. I have a drawer in my craft room for such things as "sample projects" I want to make later, or the many "make and takes" from shows as a mini idea vault. Not to mention the many Carol Duvall Show projects from you and all the regulars from her show in a binder. Yes, it's easy to make some of these things but it's the creativite idea that can be difficult to come up with. And I also like to have the artists sign their work. Hope to see you on the air again soon!

I like what Paula's sort of like killing two birds with one stone. Sometimes we get stuck and just need a little creative kick in the bum to get our inspiration back. Purchasing from fellow artists not only supports them, but sometimes can give us that little kick in the bum we need - take the inspiration and then add our own interpretation to it.

Thanks to Paula and everyone for their comments!

With CHA coming up, it's crunch time. I think I drive on creative stress! Seems like that's when Im more creative. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be working on designing three new kits for FIMO - which Im excited about and I'll be able to release details later... I also have to design some promotional materials for Friendly Plastic for AMACO's press kits and next months POMS. So it will be a busy busy week.

The Polymer Clay POM will feature the theme of LOVE....and Hmmm.....Ivegot a couple of ideas in the works for the jewelry pom. It will have some polymer clay in it.

Im always open to suggestions for the poms...- remember it's your club!! I've enjoyed all the members comments - so keep em coming!

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