Saturday, January 24, 2009

Live from CHA Winter 2009 in Aneheim - Day One

Yep...for the next few days it's Live from Gloomy's rainy and yucky! But, while the weather may be gloomy, its always great to see old friends and make new ones! Today is fly in day and set up day. It's amazing to me that the convention center can literally go from a a beautiful bright center of creativity over night.

Jana Ewy and I are here to promote Friendly Plastic and ArtEmboss Metals. Our demonstration will be a collaberative one. So if you are visiting, be sure to come back EVERY DAY...Jana will be giving away a beautiful cuff bracelet and there are prizes every day too...just visit booth 5017.

What Jana does with this medium is nothing short of amazing, beautiful actually there are no words to describe the beauty and creativity that she puts into each piece. Definately check out her link and see her amazing work.

I know that the choice medium is polymer clay...but really gals, I see that Friendly plastic has some exciting upscale gallery like possibilities and it you don't at least give it a'll be sorry......

Jana and I spent all day literally oohing and ahhing...collaberating, was just so much fun! It's soooo nice to be with a fellow designer and artist who just "gets it"....gets your enthusiasm...gets your creativity....just get's it.

Today....we set up...tomorrow is the first day of the show....

Yes, Im taking pictures and i'll give you a little inside look at the show....

Monday there will be an award ceremony and refreshments beginning at 11 AM for the designer challenge. This years theme is Butterflies... remembering all the children's lives that were lost during the Holocaust.

Anything you want me to look for specifically...send me an email...
until tummy's telling me it's time for breakfast!

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