Thursday, January 1, 2009

THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE!!! POM CLUB's 2007.....BLINK its 2008......BLINK it's 2009. Does time fly by that fast for you?

Can you believe it? Another year gone by! This year my son Alex will be 20, Mariah will be 18, Elise will be a teenager and Julia will be the big "8".
We've had a rather calm week this week. No deer to process - no meat to put up. (Did I mention we put up 130 of burger & sausage Christmas day?) Alex rode his motorcycle, Mariah went to visit her great grandma, Elise went snowskiing with a friend in Colorado and Julia was home playing chef. She's decided that she wants to be a Chef when she grows up. She's actually been doing a little cooking this week and setting the table like a fine restuarant. She's even made menu's to pass out to us - completely with a dessert menu. It's so cute to watch her grow up.
I was working out in the studio a couple of days ago, when she brought me her latest creative dish......Check this out.... It's a hand dipped butter pecan ice cream topped with a chocolate covered cherry, a chocolate covered grahm cracker and fresh pears......How cute is that?

And here she is......with her very own recipe for garlic bread. Emeril would be proud.

Sorry I can't help bragging.........

I've had an overwhelming response to the Free Project offer on the pom club....I'm with you, I love free stuff too! Who doesn't?

I just wanted to thank everyone who requested the free project. I received so many requests, I wasn't able to answer them all. If you requested the project and haven't received it yet, please let me know. I think I'm finally all caught up.

The January POM is out - with special hints and tips only for POM club members.

Next, I'll be working on the Multi Media Jewelry POM club. This months project will include techniques such as embossing copper turning them into beads. I'll show you how to form copper rods into the bracelet. You won't need any special tools - just a hammer, come ArtEmboss Copper, silver wire and WireForm brass rods.
This bracelet has received HUGE compliments everytime I wear it from men and women alike.

More details on the club this weekend. The project will be out on Monday.
Have a Happy CREATIVE New Year everyone!

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