Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh...I Can Make That!.........

I used to hear that all the time when I worked craft shows.......(I'd want to just roll my eyes in disgust everytime I heard it too...) One day, I got a hair-brained blonde idea...... I decided that the next person who said that to me, I would tell them just how to make it. And I did. Told them all the materials to buy, all the colors they would need, showed them how to roll the shapes....everything - except an actual project sheet. And...they left, not buying anything. I think that was early in the the end of the show, the same person came back to admit that she had spent alot of money on all that stuff and had failed, so she was back to purchase from me. This worked method worked very well. While some will have success but most might not be as successful as they hoped and others - once they see the money they need to invest would rather just buy the finished product from you.

My post about how I started into this business generated alot of great emails. One particular email from a fellow crafter who lives in Missouri wrote me asking for her help. Despite having sites on Etsy and paying for online advertising she receives a lot of "OOOOoohs and Ahhhhs" but as she says very little sales.

When I was doing craft shows in the midwest, I experienced similar oohs and ahhhs along with "my husband (or I) can make that" or..." YOU WANT $$$$ FOR THAT?!?!?!?" The midwest is very craft saavy and we have loads of chain craft stores to prove it. Before I was in the crafts business I was guilty of the same OOOhhs and Ahhhs and "Oh...I won't buy that - I'll make it myself". The problem was I never made it myself.....never took the time and so I never got anything I ooohhed and aahhed about. One time when I was setting up for a craft show, I saw the lady in the next booth proudly displaying a sign "Yes, I know you're husand can make it....he never will!" Aptly stated! And from that moment forward I took on a new attitude.

I hope to spread this same attitude amongst all the OOOhher's and Aaaaher's who surf the web oohhing and ahhing over other artists work. Yes you probably can make it....NO you probably wont and so why not show appreciation for a variety of art expression by purchasing from fellow artists - even if they work in your same medium!

Don't get me wrong, we all need inspiration,and it's okay to look, but if it's something you really like...something that really touches your inner soul...for heaven's sakes...BUY IT! TREASURE IT! and then think about the artist when you wear it or look at it. You'll really be alot happier in the end.

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