Friday, January 9, 2009

Reader's thoughts

Helen H from Seattle writes......

Oh...and I just loved your recent blog. I loved your response to the lady listing everything needed and how to do it. You know she thought about it all day and realized that it was too much work and she wouldn't do it. LOL...

I signed up for both of your clubs this morning. They are great inspiration for me, but more importantly I love supporting other polymer artists, especially you. It was very different for me years ago. I never purchased from another polymer clay artist. I don't know why, it's weird. Then after my first Ravensdale in 1998 that I attended, I kicked myself for not purchasing things, especially from my teachers. After that, the next Ravensdale, I decided that I'm going to purchase something from at least one of my teachers. What a turn around for me. I really enjoy each and every item that I've purchased from other polymer artists. They are so special and are treasured. Its like a "collection". It is best from a new artist and know you got one of their "first" pieces.

I still share a similar view - It's like a collection. I began mine figurine collection in the 80's when I went to a craft show called War Eagle in Arkansas. Donna Chapman had adorable miniature little dolls and figurines made from some sort of plasticy thing or so I thought at the time. I would save my money every year and as soon as the ropes were dropped I would run to her booth to get mine. Each was different, had a different expression and it took me a LONG time to pick my figurine out. I did that for about 8 years. I loved looking at how they her interests would change and all the delicate details.

I, like Helen, could kick myself so many times over for not purchasing items from artists I admired...but not anymore...if I see it...and It touches my soul....It's MINE!

Support the arts!

UPDATE: Just as I posted this, I received another email from Cathy M. who has a slightly different take. It believe this has happened to many of us crafty people who have non-crafty relatives:

Hi, Linda!
I actaully have a little twist on this subject....
I always get my family coming back from the crafts shows or wherever, telling all the wonderful items they saw (even taking the pictures), and then saying "YOU can make that!!!" And then, expecting me to! "I saw such and such" at the crafts fair, and I REALLY liked it. But I did not want to pay that much money for it, b/c I know YOU can make it, right?"
And I, knowing how much work and talent goes into a lot of these items, generally have no clue!!!

Cathy M.

If people only knew how much time and effort it takes to make, take, sell, purchase all the displays, work all week, sell all weekend have a family ...and on and on and on.... they may consider that they just purchased it for a bargain price!

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JF said...

Oh yes, can I ever relate to this. My Mum does the same thing to me. "You don't want to buy that, you can make it yourself". It doesn't matter what it is, polymer clay, cooking, growing things for the garden, making cards, you name it she thinks I can do it all. It's nice she thinks I'm so capable and apart from the time it takes to do it all it is really exciting to buy and appreciate the beauty that others create.

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