Monday, April 6, 2009


Happy Spring to everyone! This month's Jewelry Project of the Month Project is ready for if you are a member....head on over to the jewelry blog and download it. Also featured this month is a companion 12 minute video on making this piece in metal. I will warn you is a large download. My suggestion is to download it...then go out to lunch...and come back and watch it. It's a fun video!

Video's are FREE to POM Club members.....if you are not a member and would like to purchase the video, email me and I will send an invoice thru paypal for $7.99 along with a link to download. If you prefer to have a CD mailed to you to view on your computer, there is an extra $2.00 shipping/handling charge.

Im sharing one of my favorite techniques. I love working with copper...its so rich and warm...and you can do so many amazing things with it.

Have fun!

These and other metal techniques can be found in my Metal Jewelry 101 too!

Now to work on the Polymer POM .....It has a video too!

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