Thursday, April 23, 2009

ArtBead Madness and a little Friendly Plastic make the perfect combination!

I was excited to receive these beautiful and unique focal pieces from ArtBeads to incorporate into a design. I wish you could really see the detail in the canvas.

These lightweight pendants feature small prints of gorgeous paintings that will give your designs a touch of detailed color. The paintings are printed on real canvas with pigment paint and are coated with two layers of water-resistant varnish. Simply string one of these lightweight pendants from your favorite ribbon or cord from the attached bails, and show off these impressive masterpieces.

Sometimes I have to look at something for a while to be inspired. This week while I was working with Friendly Plastic, I decided to use Jana Ewy's fracture and fusion cylinder bead technique to create the perfect curved tube bead to accent the focal pendant. I attached the pendant using very tiny wire - barely visible.

Yesterday was Earth Day, and it was a big deal to our first grader Julia who called to ask her Dad if he recycled anything. Well....his answer was..Yes! A Fish! - (He went fishing and let a fish go)Hmm...I'll have to think if that counts or not...

In the meantime....Why not give an older piece a jewelry a fresh lift with a brand new copper enameled focal piece?

These enameled copper links offer an extremely versatile and handmade touch to your designs. These links are perfect for earrings and also make gorgeous backdrops for your favorite charms. You can even combine several links for a beautiful effect as a mosaic pendant. With these links' rich color and dynamic texture, you can add a vibrant effect to any design that your imagination and creativity can produce. As these links are individually handcrafted, there may be some subtle variance, but rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality, handmade product.

Check out these and other styles by clicking on their individual links or by visiting!

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