Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have to brag a little bit!!! Image transfer's for Friendly Plastic

Sometimes when you discover a new technique or a new way to do a technique on a different product you just want to shout to the world. So....IM SHOUTING!

I've received soooo many emails and there has been so much discussion on the Friendly Plastic Yahoo group about image transfers to Friendly Plastic. So, I decided to take this entire week and devote to discovering ways to make it happen.

Remember the spring photo's I posted a couple weeks ago? I manipulated them in photoshop to give them an artsy flair..... so here's a couple of the images I designed...

There are many ways to accomplish this with polymer clay....however.... since Friendly Plastic is in essence the exact opposite of polymer clay, this proposed a challenge. can honestly say that I have discovered three different ways to transfer an image to Friendly Plastic.

All three of them have different looks for different effects and so far, they are pretty fool proof. Use them alone...combine them...the possibilities will be endless....

Do I have your curiousity??? I hope so! You'll have to stay tuned as that is the subject of this months Friendly Plastic TV videos. But I'll have a preview ready for you by the end of the week - they're still drying...sorry for no finished pieces.. but Im too excited not to post this!!!

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