Sunday, April 12, 2009

Springtime fishing and I got skunked!

While this post isn't about's still about sharing some good ole family time together.
Last weekend Elise and Dana spent a Daddy Day together at the Old Oar House of our favorite catfishing spots. Dana couldn't fish because he was too busy baitin' and takin the catfish off Elise's pole - Way to go Elise!!!! (GIRLS RULE!)

When Im not in the studio creating stuff....or on set taping video's...there's a whole other side of me..the outdoorsy side. Okay...well a better description of that would be the 'Fair weather' outdoorsy side.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring like Ozark day. And I thought since the fishing was so great last weekend...why not have a 'date' day fishing with DH this weekend! Well........I got skunked...or should I say Goose Egged?? That's right...big fat zero fish for me! and just ONE "keeper" catfish for Dana. (He want's ya'll to know...he actually caught two catfish and snagged a drum....unfortunately, the "other" catfish needed to grow up a little and the drum broke the line when he got it up next to the dock....All I know is he lost alot of hooks and weights getting snagged all day.....)


In a couple of weeks, I get to go on my first ever and hopefully annual fishing trip with my Dad, my Uncle Jim and my cousins Jimmy and Craig at Lake of the Ozarks......
You can tell Jimmy and I are family because as he says "I don't care what fish I catch...I just want to catch fish...and if an anchor will catchem..that's what I'll be fishin with!" Hopefully the fishin will be better in a couple of weeks....and hopefully the crawdadin will be too! Can't wait for a yummy crawdad boil! YUM YUM!!!

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