Sunday, July 31, 2011

CHA Summer 2011 Show - Wrap Up - Nunn Design and Silversilk

One of my most popular blog posts is one that I wrote showcasing Nunn Designs and their gorgeous array of pendant blanks.  With mixed media being so popular, this is a great way to take your art with you and wear it as part of your wardrobe - it's like your own personalized fashion statement.

Not to dissappoint, Nunn Designs was again at the show to showcase her delicious Patera pendant blanks

The combination of transfer sheets, pendant blanks and uv resin makes creating beautiful jewelry really easy and quick.

Want more ideas from Nunn Designs?  Click here to see the Nunn Design Project Gallery

Now combine your beautiful pendants with this next company's chain.  Silversilk features gorgeous - absolutely to die for knitted chain.  It's so delicate and elegant and unfortunately, none of the pictures can do it justice.  Here's a couple of designs featured on their website:

Watch for an upcoming video with a quick tutorial on how to make a french knot bracelet.

It was such a priviledge for me to get to walk the show this time and not be behind the demo table.  I really enjoyed meeting new folks and want to thank all the exhibitors that took time to speak with me about their product.

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