Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friendly Plastic TV - Create a gorgeous Art Necklace

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If you are new to the blog, have you heard about my newest series called Mixed Media Monday's? A brand new video tutorial each Monday that you won't want to miss.  It's like creative java for the week - the creative boost - except no caffeine!

Seems that lately, birds, birdhouses and all things miniature are at the front of my inspiration list.  Maybe it's because it's Spring and the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.

In this episode of Friendly Plastic, I share two techniques.  First I show you how to use a die template to create a clean crisp pattern in Friendly Plastic and second how to set Friendly Plastic into a bezel blank.  So many possibilities to create beautiful glass like effects and jewelry even if you are a beginner.  For more ideas and the printable project instructions, go to

 Stamped Friendly Plastic Pendant

By Linda Peterson

Amaco® Friendly Plastic® – Turquoise or other color of choice
Amaco® Rub-N-Buff® Gold Leaf
Amaco® Thin Brass Rods
Amaco ® Needle tool
Copic® Marker in color of choice or substitute alcohol ink

Toggle or clasp
Balled Headpins – Antique Bronze
Miscellaneous charms and beads of choice
Jump rings
Envirotex Light – 2 part epoxy
Jewelry Pliers
Hammer (optional)
Metal file (optional)
Heat tool or Griddle
Non-stick mat
Cold water and container
Make up sponge
Rubbing alcohol

  • Note:  You can easily substitute a rubber stamp or texture plate for the die template design or create your own design with a needle tool. 

Variations:  Create a marbleized or mosaic pattern instead of stamping

Heat plastic till slightly melted on a non-stick mat
Place die/texture stamp texture side down over Friendly Plastic®,
Gently press down to ensure a good design.  Allow to cool completely and remove die/stamp
Apply a small amount of Rub-N-Buff to a sponge and daub onto design.  Thin with rubbing alcohol if needed
Apply Copic® marker to randomly to design concentrating on the cracks.  Smooth with a sponge moistened with rubbing alcohol
Reheat and press bezel into FriendlyPlastic face side down as if you were cutting out a cookie.  Allow to cool
Remove and trim edges if needed with scissors
Place into bezel and heat again to set in place
Create additional texture with needle tool or clay shaper and let cool
Mix resin according to manufacture’s direction and pour into bezel
Remove air bubbles by gently blowing through a straw.  Let cure for 24 hours
Attach charms to pendant where desired.


To create the bail, cut off a piece of thin brass rod to desired size.  Hammer flat and smooth edges with a file

Wrap brass rod with several balled head pins. Use jewelry pliers to curl ends and file any sharp edges.

Attach pendant to rod with jump rings

Finish by attaching pendant to chain and add toggle/clasp.

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