Friday, May 17, 2013

Check back on Monday May 20th! - A little teaser!

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Paper is flying, glue is glue'n, and paint is messy!  The studio is buzzing with all kinds of fun projects as I create projects for my next book - but there's more! 

Monday I'll be able to share details on a very exciting project I've been working on and happy to be part of.  So ...If you love mixed media and all kinds of funky junky'll love this announcement. 

Until then have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine, create lots of stuff, enjoy family time and I'll see you Monday!

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1 comment:

BevinUSA said...

Your Surprise is awesome. I love your new projects and look forward to having lots of fun creating and learning and sharing with you Linda you are such a sweetie. woohooo

I will keep checking back here also I do not want to miss any of the excitement, fun and happiness here Thank you so much Hugs Bev

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