Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Branson Tour

With the english 'pound" being equvalent to $2.00 US, it was quite a shopping day for Gill and John especially. We set out early to hit the outlet malls. Even my hubby Dana, got into the bargain shopping mood (Go DANA!) Gill was quite suprized to see just how big the Branson area was, she had more in mind of a quaint little shopping village....

Later for lunch we headed to the Branson Landing for some good Irish grub at Waxy O'Shea's pub and grill. When you are there be sure to order "Scotch Eggs". Dana and I feasted on "Bangers and Potatoes". Bangers are little irish sausages....more yummy food. (are you getting the idea that all we did was eat??)
Here's a snapshot of all of us in front of the fountain. Would you believe the fountain was dry and undergoing maintenance??? Of all the times for it not to work! ... Regardless, it was our treat to host our international friends. The girls loved being with them and barraged them with questions about where they live and what it was like to live in England. They thought their accents were "cool"! Gill treated them to their own English chocolate bars and gave them some english money. Quite a treat for them.

Gill and John are off to Boston now....we dropped them at the airport early this morning. I sure hope they'll come back to Missouri and stay longer next time.....

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